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A brief history of Gaylord Container Company

Gaylord Container was originally a small company based in Saint Louis Missouri. Originally established as the "J. C. Bulis" company in the early 1900s1, they incorporated in 19132 under the direction of John C. Bulis, Robert Gaylord, H. H. Scott and Paul Laichinger. In 1920 the firm was presumably purchased by Robert Gaylord, and renamed "Robert Gaylord, Inc."3,4 Robert Gaylord's nephew Clifford W. Gaylord joined the firm, and became president in 19215. Several patents were issued to Clifford W. Gaylord and assigned to "Robert Gaylord, Inc." and later to "Gaylord Container Corporation".

Among other things, Robert Gaylord, Inc. produced large boxes, or "bulk bins", which were mounted on pallets, for bulk quantities of goods. The box itself became known as the "Gaylord Container" or simply "Gaylord".

In 1937 the Bogalusa Paper Company merged with Robert Gaylord Inc. to form Gaylord Container Corporation, which operated from 1937 to 19556. In 1955 Gaylord Container Corporation was acquired by Crown Zellerbach, which renamed its brown paper operations the "Gaylord Container Division". This was later abbreviated to simply "Container Division".

In 1985 Crown Zellerbach was acquired in a hostile takeover by Sir James Goldsmith, who broke up the corporation in 1986. Crown Zellerbach's assets were sold off to various companies including the Richmond Virginia based James River Corporation, but the container division became a standalone corporation "Gaylord Container Corporation". Gaylord Container Corporation was sold again in 1986 to a group of midwest investors, and the headquarters were moved from California to Illinois.

In 2002, after less than 16 years of operation, Gaylord Container was acquired by Temple Inland.

In 2011, Temple Inland announced that it had agreed to be acquired by International Paper.

Gaylord Container (the box)

The name "Gaylord" lives on as the name that some people still use to refer to pallet-mounted bulk bins. "Gaylords" are also called "Bulk Boxes", "Bulk Bins", "Skid Boxes", and "Tote Boxes".

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